Friday, August 29, 2008

Why a site may get declined and things you can do to get approved

It’s quite an experience operating a resource directory and we get all sort of funny emails from webmasters whose sites were declined for inclusion. ( of course we approve them after requested changes are made. )

We don’t have anything personal against the sites we decline, still here’s a quick wrap on the broad reasons why a site may be declined in the first go.

1) Not having an About Us page:

Hello? Tell us little bit about yourself? Who are you? What is the purpose of your website? Your team members, vision, your mission, background? Anything?

2) Not providing means for your visitors to contact you

Do you have either contact us form or email address listed on your site? Or are we supposed to dig through your WhoIs data to grab a hold of you?

If you don’t want to let your visitors know where you are or how to reach you, we take it as a sign that you could well be a spammer out there to make money at the expense of not-so-web-savvy visitors.

3 ) Not having a privacy policy:

What kind of information do you collect from your site visitors and what you do with that data? We care for privacy of our visitors, do You? If not you are declined.

4) Not having disclaimer in place:

Who is the person responsible for the content of your site?

Is he a medical professional ?

If yes, have you mentioned his / her credentials?

If he is not, have you declared so in the disclaimer ?

5) Overtly aggressive monetization :

We are perfectly ok with monetization but some people get way too greedy and cross the line. We reject all purely thin affiliate sites and made for adsense sites AND the sites where we feel visitors are given less importance than advertisements.

6) Linking to shady, non-thematic sites:

We know how to rank a site in search engine ourselves. And we choose to achieve it through lasting value creation, creating something useful for our visitors rather than achieve it through manipulative methods.

If we notice that most of your PR is due to cheesy reciprocals or if you are linking to any shady high margin areas like pharmacy, gambling, porn or any other non-thematic neighborhoods, we decline such sites till they become guidelines compliant.

7) No useful content to the visitors.

This is a bit more subjective and we decide it on individual case basis. Generally you know whether a site is useful for intended visitors or not.

HealthDirectoryMoz is maintained by small team of physically challenged people with chronic illnesses. As such we can’t stress enough how passionate we are about letting only useful and quality resources get listed in our directory.

Lastly we should tell you few things you can do to get almost guaranteed listing:

  • Get a HonCode accreditation
  • Get a truste or etrust accreditation
  • Get a Better Business Bureau BBB accreditation
  • Get a URAC accreditation
  • Get a healthcare blogger accreditation
  • If you are a pharmacy site get a VIPPS accreditation.
  • Include About Us & Physical address on your site to show you are real business.

Any of these certifications would reassure us that you are as passionate as us about creating a legitimate value for the end user through ethical means and we would be more than happy to welcome you in the healthdirectorymoz family.

Happy submitting !

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